First Project on the 3D-Printed Loom

3d printed loom

Just a quick update on the first project on the 3D-printed loom.  The loom is built, now it’s time to make something!

malabrigo sock yarn - carnival

I had been hoarding some yarn for the project and I was excited to finally get to use them.  I picked out some colorful hanks to work with that I thought would look good all on their own without having to mix colors or deal with stripes.  The first project was going to be using sock yarn since that I what most of my yarn is because I also knit my own socks.  So even if I don’t end up weaving the yarn, they would eventually going to be used for socks.

3d printed loom set up for project

I don’t have much time at night to put into projects so each step of the project took a night or two to accomplish.

Getting the yarn on the loom is my least favorite part, so it took two nights to get it done.  Getting started took quite a while.

weaving on the 3d printed loom

But once that the loom was set up the project got moving.  Each night, I popped a show on the tv and just kept weaving.  I need to go back and sand the heddle a bit, but overall it went flawlessly.

I had mentioned in my previous post that I was concerned about the locking mechanism on the loom, but even that worked without issue.  Once there was some tension the locks I could tell they weren’t going to go anywhere.

finished woven scarf

Because I used sock yarn, it took a lot longer to get the scarf completed.  Once I realized how slowly it was going I started printed the heddle for a larger yarn.

a larger heddle printed

By the time I finished the scarf the new heddle was printed, put together and ready to go for the next project. The yarn I picked out has already been delivered as well.

There’s still one more heddle I can print, which is even larger for bulky yarns. I may have to try that one as well.

I’m already setting up the loom for the next project, so you may have to suffer through a few more updates on it.

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