Creating a whole other messy room

I finally broke out some of my miniature kits that have been collecting dust.  The one I plucked out of the stack was a miniature craft room which is just crammed to the gill with stuff.   Why clean my craft room when I can spend time creating a whole other messy room right on my desk?

finished piece to my miniature sewing room kit

I forgot how long these take.  I’ve already spent several nights and I only have a few pieces put together.   It isn’t helping that these kits are usually from china, so the instructions are usually more confusing than helpful.   I’ve already messed up big once and ruined the two side pieces to this shelving unit.  I had to run to the store and buy more wood to make and paint those boards to match everything else.

The mini room is a sewing room filled with baskets and pillows and bolts of fabric.  I did start noticing some oddities stuck in there.  Like, an antique coffee grinder, a random newspaper, and random items like that.  It will be interesting (at least to me) to see whatever items they crammed in there that I wouldn’t find in my own craft room.

Wait.   Do I have an old-timey coffee grinder in my sewing room?   I don’t think so.  Maybe I need one though.

By the time I finish this miniature up, it should look something like this:

robotime mianiature sewing room kit

I think after a few of these kits I may try my hand at creating my own miniature kit.   What would you want to build?

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