The Cricut knife blade has been a disappointment

So far, the Cricut knife blade has been a disappointment.  As I mentioned in my last post, I was taking my template idea back to the drawing board.  Maybe I started with way too intricate of a design.  Let’s start over with a random polka dot design.

cricut knife blade cutting chipboard

I loaded my polka dot SVG into the software and pushed start.   Right away it started the same stabbing motion and slowly started stabbing out my circles.  So far what i’m noticing is that it’ll cut lines and slight curves with relative ease.  Which, makes sense when you’re sliding a flat knife through a rigid material.  Some turns will not be possible.  I was hoping that it could at least cut a nice circle though or at least cut the first few layers quickly until it gets deeper into the material.

I let it go for a while and then came back almost 2 hours later to see this on the screen:

Another 32 hours to cut some circles?  Sorry, I mean, another 32 hours to stab some circles??   They weren’t even good circles.

I scrapped this one as well and went and found some coated paper.  This would take a quick minute to cut out of paper and if the paper gets too damaged from the dyes I want to use it with, then I’ll just cut another.   This idea of cutting a more permanent stencil just isn’t working out for me.

I cut another design out of the coated paper and realized it was getting to late to be diving into dying and washing fabric.  Hopefully, I can get somewhere on this later this week.

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