Tore the Knit Up

I thought I could handle it but the perfectionist in me just couldn’t.  In a post a few days ago I said I didn’t care about the mistakes, but then I looked at it again and I started pulling out a few of the rows and tried to re-knit it.  Then I realized I kept making more mistakes as I sat and watched my crime shows.   I tore the knit up, rewound the skein and started over.

knitting a scarf

I picked a simple pattern, something I could do while watching my shows and mindlessly knit away.   The good thing about a rib stitch is that you can quickly see what stitch you’re supposed to do from the rows below.

I picked a 2×3 rib stitch (2 knits, 3 purls), so it will stretch to more than twice it’s width.

It still has its problems, but those problems are not from me.  This particular skein of yarn had a bunch of breaks and was rejoined at the factory.  So those inconsistencies are just knots.

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