A Weekend of Dyeing

This weekend, I got a lot of dyeing out of the way.   I’d been stacking up plenty of natural/undyed yarns and it was time to get that project out of the way.   I watched a bunch of youtube videos to refresh myself on the process and got to work.  I planned on tackling a few different methods this time but ended up doing 2 methods.

First was a hot dye pot method where you bring your pot up to a simmer and drop your dye strategically around the pot.

dye pot

I dropped in red, olive and yellow.    It didn’t work out very well for me.   It just mixed and became murky.  I’ll assume responsibility on this one since I probably messed around with it too much and let it get mixed.

But while that was simmering I got a few bowls of dye ready for some 2-color batches, which I will call halfsies.  I’m sure there’s a term for this, but basically, I just dyed my yarn in sections.

Here, I was trying to create a skein similar to one I received July 2017 YarnBox.  When you do this method you’ll get a finely striped sock like this one:

Knowing that I like this result, I did this with several color combinations:

Pink and Green skein of wool

(The one on the right here was the muddy one from the dye pot).

Black and blue skein of wool

They’re currently hung up and drying.  I can’t wait to try these out!  I may eventually start putting some of these up for sale once I get a few sample socks done for images.

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