And we have shelves


To be honest, not much art or crafts have been done lately.  Work has been taking its toll.  By the time I get home most nights I’m lucky to shove something in my face before heading to bed.  But, last weekend I did manage to get to Home Depot and grab a closet shelf system.   Things have been piling up and this closet has been a catch-all for junk around the house that really doesn’t belong anywhere.   So I took the few things out of there, hung up the shelves, and now it’s time to reorganize…. especially now with everything on the floor.

I’m slowly making my way through the pile of stuff and I am almost done.  It doesn’t seem like a lot of work but I’m coming across a lot of things that were always ‘next’ on the list after I finish the current project.  For instance, I had a pile of shirts I needed to cut down into reclaimed materials.   Lots of stuff that I don’t want to just slap down on a shelf and forget about…. so it’s a process of actually dealing with things instead of just organizing.  But soon my sewing room / temporary painting room will be ready for use again.  After this, I should really move on reorganizing one of the other art rooms (yes, I have many, don’t judge) but I may need to slip in a painting or quilt first.  My art has been suffering and life can’t be all cleaning.

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