Auditioning Plate Designs

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Last night, I was using some of the small saucers as testers for a new plate design.   These will be used in my house and I want them to be colorful, but muted.  So I selected a rainbow of underglazes but I toned down each color.  Instead of Red, I went with a Ruby.  Instead of Green, I went with a Forest Green…. you get the idea.  For some of these colors, I didn’t have a darker shade so I made my best guess and will just hope for the best.   I also rearranged the colors so it wasn’t such an obvious rainbow.  Hopefully, I like the outcome and can move on to the dinner plates and glasses.

The test plates were bisque fired in the kiln last night to set the underglaze.  Tonight, I should be able to glaze them and shove them right back in for the final result.

Stay tuned.

Yarn Bowls

20160625 210616 54354

I couldn’t wait to fill up the large kiln so I threw some items in the small kiln and fired it up.  I had heard Mayco’s yarn bowls were recalled due to cracking.  Yarn bowls are cute and all, but they aren’t very stable.  While I didn’t experience any cracking the top of the bowl did bend inward a bit.  I tried showing that in the picture above.  Also, I fired this because I wanted to try out one of the new glazes, Lime Shower, SW-148, which turned out great.

I also threw in a second bowl to try out this Amaco glaze combination…


Pretty, right?  It’s a little disappointing in real life…

Meh, right? Plus, there are spots that didn’t stay covered… I’m strategically not showing them in the photo.  This one will be reglazed and refired.  Hopefully, this will come out better.